Woodland Teddies Zodiac Birthday Bears
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Rainbow Bearies

 Not specifically linked to any star sign or month of the year these pretty bearies can be made available in a wide range of colours and with your choice of face painting, features or accessories 

I'm a happy rainbow bearie my heart is full of song
I'll do my best to make you smile and help your day along
And if your nights are tearfull cos you are feeling blue
I'm share a special cuddle I am holding just for you

Size 9 - 10 inches Filling Polyester to head and arms Tummy includes small sack of steel shot and another containing a glass bead and plastic pellet mix
Price depends on features required 
Joints Nut and bolt throughout

Its really up to you as the majority of these bears will be created to order however for my show stock I will be using long mohair sometimes with a second mohair for the inside of her ears and the tip of her tail.  As usual they will all have my trade mark hand moulded Woodland Teddies leather nose  and the paw pads will be made using suede or leather.  All bears will have glass eyes, some may also have eyelids.  
These bears can be as straight forward or as daring as you choose. Each Rainbow bearie created to order will be unique, he or she will be made in colours and materials chosen by you and can include feastures such as beards or even dreadlocks and may include hand made accessories chosen by you


The bears face will be needle sculpted to give shape and definition and then painted to accentuate eyes, ears and muzzle or a particular characteristic chosen by his or her new companion. 

All Woodland Teddies wear a brass personalized name tag bearing mine and the bears details.. 

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